Changes in 1.2 v1.2.0004

  • NEW: Easy fog setting tool. From the Skalp options menu a new Fog Settings section allows to define and activate SketchUp's fog at a distance relative to an activated Skalp section. This feature only works whenever your sectionplane is parallel to the viewport.
  • Changed: Way better support for SketchUp's UNDO/REDO operations. This represents some major rewrite work in Skalp's code. Changes are also made to the way Skalp links it's sectionplanes to each scene. Older Skalp models will be converted to the new format automatically. In some cases it might be necessary to relink a Skalp section to a Scene manually.
  • Skalp UNDO/REDO: When Skalp is loaded certain Scene operations, such as scene switching are now included in the undo/redo stack.
  • Skalp UNDO/REDO: when Skalp is started Sketchup's undo/redo stack will start tracking skalp related operations. It does this by holding it's own undo/redo stack. This implies that the new undo behaviour can never track back before Skalp's time of startup. If you go back on the undo queue, up until the point you started Skalp, a dialog will inform you that Undo will close Skalp. This is as designed. Beyond this point, regular SketchUp undo is still available.
  • Improved: Skalp materials for different scales are no longer stored multiple times in the model. Scales are now using applied using UV mapping. Older Skalp sections will autoconvert to the new format upon first recalculation.
  • Improved: Skalp in-section edit tool now allows selection of nested component instances and groups. This eases assignment of Skalp patterns to nested objects.
  • Fix: in dxf export for new UV mapped Skalp patterns
  • Fix: dxf export would crash if user did not have correct write permissions.
  • Fix: Skalp pattern designer could not be started before Skalp was started.
  • Fix: Old Skalp Pattern Layers are converted correctly.
  • Fix: workaround for SketchUp installations that had another plugin overwrite the ruby standard library Set class (Set = SketchUp::Set). Skalp could not run on such an installations, unless the abusing plugin was removed. This is now fixed.
  • Fix: copying a Skalp section is now correctly supported
  • Change: Skalp patterns are now always stored in the model at a printscale of 1:1 Different drawing scales are based on and use this same pattern using UV mapping to implement the actual print scale on the model.
  • Fix: general fixes and improved stability

Changes in 1.1 v1.1.0062

  • Fix on auto converting Skalp Pattern Layers when no active drawing scale is saved in the model

Changes in 1.1 v1.1.0061

  • Fix on updating materials in the pattern by layer dialog

Changes in 1.1 v1.1.0059

  • Fix material names in pattern designer
  • Fix for wrong material names shown in dialog
  • Fix on double layer names
  • Fix on renaming and copying Sketchup materials
  • Fix in layer name handling
  • Fix: Unique Skalp layer names for scenes with identical names
  • Fix: Support for renaming of Skalp materials through the Sketchup materials dialog

Changes in 1.1 v1.1.0053

  • Fix: (partial revert from 1.1.0052) Hidden faces are taken into account to create Skalp sections again. Only hidden groups / components get excluded.

Changes in 1.1 v1.1.0052

  • IMPROVED: Save Skalp Settings to Scene: An alert indicator/button is now shown on the Skalp dialog whenever either the selected drawing scale and/or sectionplane does not match the active scene's stored values. Clicking the alert icon stores/updates your selected Skalp drawing scale and Skalp sectionplane onto the current scene. (Clicking the yellow triangle alert is equivalent to using 'Save Skalp Settings to Scene' from the menu.)
  • NEW: "Isolate" functionality is now available on Skalp's in section editing tool. (available via right click on a Skalp section plane.)
  • NEW: Default Drawing scale is now automatically set when creating a Skalp section while no drawing scale has yet been used in the model. All subsequently added Skalp sections will inherit the models last used drawing scale value.
  • UI: 'Set default drawing scale' menu option has been removed since new automated functionality has now taken over its role. (see above)
  • UI: Right click context menu: changed function name to 'Skalp Isolate - Isolate selected entities'
  • UI: Renamed "save to scene" option -> "save style to scene" to clarify only the Skalp style is saved to the scene, excluding other settings such as drawing scale and section plane.
  • UI: Drawing scale is not shown on the Skalp dialog when 'No active Section Plane' is selected.
  • IMPROVED: Scene switching now includes enhanced updating of the selected scene's status for layout. All scenes visited since last model modifications will already be up to date in Layout, even when 'Update all Scenes (for Layout)' has not been used. This takes some workload away from 'Update all Scenes (for Layout)' since less scenes will need updating. However, it does NOT replace 'Update all Scenes (for Layout)', which is still critical to update modified content in scenes that haven't been visited.
  • Implemented classroom and educational license types. (work in progress, contact us)
  • Fix: Nested hidden elements are now correctly ignored and will not be processed in your Skalp section. As a side effect, many dynamic components using hidden elements can now correctly be used in your Skalp sections.
  • Fix: The 'define Pattern Layers' dialog is now correctly updated when switching between models. (mac)
  • Fix: Skalp's isolate history stack is now corrected in case objects got shown due to scene switching.
  • Fix: Drawing scale setting could sometimes be shown incorrect when switching or opening models.
  • Fix: Multiple ruby 'undefined method' and 'reference to deleted entity' errors

Changes in 1.1 v1.1.0039

  • NEW: Isolate tool
  • NEW: 'Skalp Pattern Layers' can be defined for different scales
  • NEW: Exporting textures in multiple scales for use with 'Skalp Pattern Layers' on windows
  • Fix: special characters in layernames in dxf export
  • Fix: wrong scaling when exporting models with architectural and engineering units to dxf
  • Fix: multiple 'error undefined method' errors

Changes in 1.1 v1.1.0020

  • Fix On windows: 'Create Skalp Pattern Layers' (from Skalp main dialog options menu) could sometimes not write out the pattern texture images to <../SketchUp/Plugins/Skalp_Skalp/Resources/material_images> These images can be used for assignment to the corresponding Skalp Pattern Layers. This is needed to enable the 'Styling 'Skalp Pattern Layer' + SketchUp 'Color by Layer' workflow on windows.

Changes in 1.1 M1 v1.1.0017

  • Stability and speed improvements on scene switching
  • Stability and speed improvements on turning on/off multiple layers
  • Fixes on Undo/Redo. Many actions couldn't be properly undone, this should be much better now. (some scene related actions can't be undone yet)
  • Hiding objects did not update the Skalp dialog
  • Fix: Define Pattern by Layer dialog could not handle materials with a name ending on a space.
  • Clicking the manual update button: the button is now shown in grey while Skalp is updating.

Changes in 1.1 v1.1.0015

  • NEW: Aligned Hatch Patterns. Patterns can now automatically align onto the longest edge in the respective section results. Check the 'Align with object' property in the Pattern designer dialog to use this feature.
  • DXF export fully supports aligned Skalp aligned hatch patterns
  • Improvements to the Skalp Styles user interface:
    Obligatory input fields are now highlighted in red.
    Editable fields are now indicated in light grey.
    'by Layer' can now be clicked on. This brings you directly to the 'Define Pattern by Layer' dialog.
  • Improved Skalp Styles integrity checking. This fixes several cases where a style could show up in the dialog with invalid entries (e.g. :2hatch)
  • Changed behaviour: deleting a Skalp section will no longer delete its associated scenes. Skalp Scene meta data is now stripped from the scene, leaving the scene available in the model.
  • Fix: resizing the main Skalp dialog had a serious update issue (OSX 10.10)
  • Fix: clicking input checkboxes was not exactly ok. (OSX 10.10)
  • Fix: Hitting 'esc' while dialog had focus no longer unloads Skalp. (OSX)
  • Fix on windows: Skalp dialogs now take into account the 'Adjust Screen resolution' for larger font settings.
  • Fix on windows: Checking on Skalp's Internet explorer 10 or 11 requirement is now as it should be: refusing to load if this requirement is not met. (Before this could allow Skalp to start on a system with IEX 9 or IEX 8 wich is unsupported.)
  • Fix on windows Skalp dialog: active section name is no longer shown in blue all the time.
  • Fix: Corrected an error in the section result for certain cases with multiple holes (inner loops).
  • Fixed: Dxf now correctly inherits SketchUp's Length Units Format, Units Precision and Angle Units Precision
  • Fixed: Dxf unit conversion could be wrong when Units Precision was set too low
  • Renamed 'Live Updating OFF' to 'Turn Live Updating OFF' and 'Live Updating ON' to 'Turn Live Updating ON'
  • Fix: Iscarnet's 'Dibac' modeling extension is now supported except for it's 'SolidSection' function which is now advised to be turned off only.
  • Fix: On Skalp Startup, orphaned Skalp section results are now deleted.
  • NEW: Automatic Pattern Alignment feature: a Skalp Pattern that has this property set can now align to the longest edge of its section result. This allows for use cases like aligned insulation, wood or other hatchings that need to rotate.
  • Dialog: actual line widths are now shown on the preview
  • Dialog: Fill Color, Line Color and Line Width fields rearranged.
  • Dialog: Cosmetic improvement on the preview gauge endpoints
  • Dialog Changed: removed the 'show more' option as the dialog is now fully extended by default.

Changes in 1.0 v1.0.0349

  • Fixed: switching pages caused troubles in certain cases
  • Fixed: dxf export got corrupted when SketchUp Unit Precision was set too large. (e.g. 0mm)

Changes in 1.0 v1.0.0348

  • Dxf exports are now handled in model units instead of inches only.
  • Patterns in dxf are now scaled correctly, matching the Skalp pattern scales as shown in your SketchUp viewports
  • In an exported dxf, all section entities can now be placed on separate layers matching the section results in SketchUp as set using Skalp styles.
  • New setting in the Skalp Style for the default destination layer(s): 'Object Layer'. This sends the section results to the corresponding layers of the sectioned objects. This feature can also be used to match layers in dxf exports with the corresponding SketchUp layers.
  • The drawing order of fills, hatches and polygons is now corrected in the exported dxf. Fills are drawn first, followed by hatches and lastly polygons go on top. These entities are now consistently linked.
  • Dxf export: entities are now zoomed out (height) and centered on viewport by default
  • Fixed: export all scenes to dxf
  • Fix: hiding a large number of selected entities could be very slow or even make SketchUp unresponsive in some cases.
  • Fix in Skalp styles interface: when adding a new rule, a small square icon is now shown by default (also on windows), offering a suggestion on where to click to set the input field on this rule.
  • Fix in Skalp styles interface: added '- nothing selected -' as the first line in the drop down select box. This ensures the ability the assign 'Pattern by Object' more easily.
  • Multiple stability fixes on scene switching, model switching, model closing, ...
  • Export Fill-Pattern Images for use in Layout (new menu option on Pattern Designer). After running this new function, add this path: <../SketchUp/Plugins/Skalp_Skalp/Resources/Layout Pattern-Fill Images/Skalp Patterns/> to your Layout Preferences > Folders > Pattern-Fill Images paths to use any Skalp Pattern in Layout if needed.
  • On windows, 'Create Skalp Pattern Layers' (from Skalp main dialog options menu) now also writes out the pattern texture images to <../SketchUp/Plugins/Skalp_Skalp/Resources/material_images> These images can be used to assign to the corresponding Skalp Pattern Layers. This is needed to enable the 'Styling 'Skalp Pattern Layer' + SketchUp 'Color by Layer' workflow on windows.
  • Pattern texture cleanup: fixed a real irritating pixel error on the texture canvas.
  • Pattern texture cleanup: Corrected a structural line thickness continuity issue: lines wrapping over the tiling edges look real sleek now. (canvas drawing scale mismatch). To clean up older Skalp Pattern, please edit and update from the Pattern designer dialog.

Changes in 1.0 v1.0.0338

  • Fix in 'Update all scenes (for Layout)' where in certain situations some scenes weren't updated.
  • Fixed: SketchUp could freeze when another plugin caused a ruby error before loading Skalp
  • Fixed: Material lists could become empty when there were too many materials in the model
  • Fixed a crash on a SketchUp version check when SU2013 or earlier was detected.
  • Fix in Layer by Style
  • Fixed an error that could occur when a new scene was deleted before Skalp's update was finished.
  • Fixed an error on turning off layers while a sectionplane that was referencing these was already deleted.
  • Fixed: when deleting a sectionplane, deletion of associated layers failed.
  • Partial fix: Sometimes deleted sectionplanes could cause an error when Skalp tried to clean up associated objects. The error is now catched, however sometimes unused layers will not be deleted.
  • Fixed an error that could occasionaly occur when switching tools.
  • Fixed a dialog update issue.
  • Fixed: When Skalp tries to update a section for a Sketchup sectionplane that was already deleted, all associated resources are now cleaned.
  • Fix on updating changed materials in a Style by Texture workflow
  • Fix sometimes a modified scene could cause an error on Skalp update if it was already deleted.
  • Fix: alphabetic sorting of sectionplane names could fail after a sectionplane was deleted.
  • Fix: creating a new sectionplane was sometimes impossible when another skalp section was deleted earlier because the suggested name already existed in the model.
  • Various small fixes
  • Known issue: Skalp Pattern designer can become inaccessible after importing non utf-8 encoded pat files. Partial Fix: fallback solution to import pat files with non utf-8 encoding as iso-8859-1. This fixes a case where Czech characters were causing an ArgumentError, but it might still fail for other codepages.

Changes in 1.0 v1.0.0320

  • First final release! No more expiry dates.
  • NEW SketchUp 2015 is now supported. Added 64bit support. Skalp can now be installed on all SU2014 and SU2015 (64bit or 32bit) versions.
  • NEW Export Skalp patterns for use with Skalp Pattern Layers for Windows.
  • On new installations, the Info Dialog now defaults to the trial request tab.
  • Fixed a bugsplat on SketchUp 2015 when switching scenes.
  • Fixed an encoder error when starting the pattern designer before skalp sections was started.
  • Sectioning non-solids could result in messing up the material assignment. This is fixed now.
  • Status skalp toolbar status is saved now
  • Skalp section dialog now remembers size, position and status when restarting SketchUp
  • Sections are now sorted alphabetically in the section dialog
  • Updating material list is fixed now when switching between multiple models (mac)
  • Fixed drag and delete icon when adding a new style in edit mode
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues with IE 10
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of a resized dialogbox on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Fixed multiple small bugs

Fixes in RC2 v1.0.0284 (expires 31 December 2014)

  • fixed a regression from beta 8 to RC1 that caused Skalp to be really slow in certain situations (thanks Leo)
  • FIX corrected an error in the update mechanism on windows
  • FIX Adding first section was slow on windows
  • FIX reference to deleted layer
  • FIX reference to deleted sectionplane
  • FIX reference to deleted component instance
  • removed empty alert dialog after license activation on windows
  • FIX an error on scaling older skalp materials -> they are now stripped and treated as a regular SU texture. You might need to replace older skalp materials with new ones to regain scaling functionality.
  • FIX in bugtracking
  • FIX on observer checking, could cause a skalp restart when it shouldn't. (thanks Tom)
  • Stability enhancements, bugfixes

Fixes in RC1 v1.0.0249 (expires 31 December 2014)

  • NEW 14 day free trial licenses
  • NEW Info Dialog with licensing and version info, release notes, auto update, activation, free trials and support links.
  • NEW Deactivate Skalp license on this computer: a method to move the current license to another machine. After deactivation, the same License Activation Code can be reused for Activation. (Internet connection needed)
  • NEW Uninstall Skalp option. Attention: this option does not deactivate your license.
  • Auto update availability checking + update install button on the Skalp Info dialog. Update button only shows when new versions are available.
  • E-mail to support with optional system information.
  • SU Extension Warehouse requirements code changes
  • auto bugtracking system: when Skalp encounters an error, anonymous error logging is sent to our server. You can disable this by entering 'Skalp.bugtracking = false' on the ruby console.
  • On windows: Internet Explorer version detection. (Skalp needs at least IE10)
  • Stability enhancements, bugfixes

Fixes in BETA 8 v1.0.0133 (expires 30 November 2014)

  • NEW major improvements to the core section algorithm: This should drastically improve section results in general and most certainly on non solid objects
  • ATTENTION: 'Skalp' plugins directory renamed to 'Skalp_Skalp' (SU Extension Warehouse requirement) Your customized pattern files need to be copied over manually from 'Plugins/Skalp' to the new 'Plugins/Skalp_Skalp'
  • SU Extension Warehouse requirements code changes
  • fix switching camera on startup
  • temporary removed the white 'under construction' part on the dialog

Fixes in BETA 7 v1.0.0107

  • NEW 'Select in Section'
  • active section is now properly activated when skalp is loaded
  • deleting a scene with a skalp section now also deletes its scene layer
  • fix a crash on selecting a section plane while a section name from another model is still shown in the skalp dialog.
  • fix error in 'save to scene' when no scenes exist.
  • fix a crash on creating a new drawing scale
  • fix some crashes on switching between multiple models
  • minor code changes in preparation for Extension Warehouse
  • fixed an issue with the red/green slider button
  • Error catching, error logging
  • NEW 'Import acad pattern file'
  • Skalp Pattern layers are now created with 'average' material color
  • fix for '.' & ',' separator in unit parser (0,3" or 0.3" could become 3")
  • fix on material assignment in the 'Define Pattern by Layer' dialog.
  • fix on 'update all pages (for Layout)'
  • partial fix on some patterns that crashed (now these don't crash but produce a non tileable result. (433)

Fixes in BETA 6 v1.0.0090

  • NEW 'Pattern by Texture' Skalp Style option to use the material attached to a group / component as it's section pattern.
  • NEW 'Define Pattern by Layer' dialog.
  • NEW 'Pattern by Layer' Skalp Style option to map section patterns as defined in the new 'Define Pattern by Layer' dialog.
  • renamed Skalp Style option 'use assigned hatch pattern' to 'by Object'
  • Changing the scale of a scene will now correctly scale its section patterns. This is applied to the active scene only.
  • better section results for cases where the sectionplane passes through model vertices.
  • fix running Skalp on VMWare or Parallels (manual license reactivation needed)
  • speed improvement: more objects ignored when possible (check distance fix in section algorithm)
  • fix 'export to layout', sometimes not all scenes were updated.
  • renamed and reorganized the menu items (main skalp dialog)
  • renamed 'Export to Layout' to 'Update all scenes (for Layout)'
  • NEW default layer setting: 'Skalp Pattern Layer'. It places the section results on layers named 'Skalp Pattern Layer - pattern name'. these Layers are auto-created on the fly when needed. Intended for advanced use in combination with SketchUp 'Color by Layer' setting. You need to manually attach a pattern / texture to each of these created layers. Click on the color box to the right of the layer name in the SketchUp layer dialog. This process can't be automated because the SketchUp API does not have a function to attach textures to the layers.
  • NEW: 'Create Skalp Pattern Layers' added to the menu. May be used in conjunction with the new default layer setting: 'Skalp Pattern Layer'.
  • fixed a crash when creating a skalp section without creating a scene.
  • default units are set depending the model units.
  • NEW: You can use different units for setting the size of the pattern in the dialog
  • Added more pen sizes
  • fix that prevents creating too large pattern textures, which could cause a crash.

Fixes in BETA 5 v1.0.0066

  • better section results for cases cutting over a face's vertices.
  • better section results: fix in loop equal edge detection

Fixes in BETA 4 v1.0.0065

  • fixed an issue that caused the 'Toggle Section Display' setting to turn on when it shouldn't.
  • fixed a problem on license validation in some specific cases.
  • correction on removing the live sectiongroup when editing in context
  • corrected direction of loops in sectiongroup (partial fix for 'validity check' error)
  • deleting faces in context or model now triggers update section
  • Scaled materials are no longer shown in the skalp styles listbox
  • Fix adding multiple copies of the default skalp material to the skecthup material dialog
  • loading multi-line Skalp styles is now faster.
  • Skalp styles no longer update 2x upon scene change.
  • Skalp section groups are now locked (tampering with the section groups could cause problems)
  • A new Scene that has an active Skalp section now has its Skalp Style setting 'save to scene' checked by default.
  • NEW: If you remove the default skalp.pat file, Skalp will repair this file to its default state on next startup. ATTENTION: It is recommended to add separate files in the directory to add your custom *.pat files containing one or more pattern definitions. Skalp will read all *.pat files under Resources/hatchpats. Subdirectories will also be searched for *.pat files.
  • NEW: The small material icon on the Pattern Designer dialog can now be used to assign skalp pattern materials directly to selected SketchUp elements.

Fixes in BETA 3 v1.0.0046

  • CHANGED BEHAVIOR: Live section update is now a preference which can be turned on or off in the menu of the Skalp dialog. When live update is turned of the section names are displayed in red.
  • CHANGED BEHAVIOR: The green / red slider button now indicates if there is a section plane active. Sliding the slider to red effectively deactivates the active section plane and sets the section name field to 'no active sectionplane'. Sliding the button to green re-activates the last used active sectionplane.
  • NEW: Section offset distance can be set with a preference (menu Skalp dialog). Default is set to 1mm (was 3mm in previous version). On a macbook retina it can be set as low as 0.1mm.
  • NEW: Changing the scale of a section will change the scale of the Skalp material. The look of the texture will be the same in each scale when printed at the intended scale. If you want a different look create a different material and use the Skalp styles to assign it to the desired Scene.
  • NEW: Scene selector type in Skalp Styles to use the Skalp Style of another Scene.
  • Auto save of the SketchUp model after export to layout function
  • Stability fixes
  • Removed scale indication from Pattern Designer dialog.
  • Editing a material will edit all different scales of the same material
  • Added patterns

Fixes in BETA 2 v1.0.0038:

  • fixed overlapping text with the selection arrows of the hatch selecting dialog.
  • some input fields of the dialog were not editable
  • Multiple sections dialog coming up issue should be fixed. (finally!) This was still broken when converting an existing SketchUp Section to a Skalp Section with 'Create Skalp from SectionPlane from the context menu.'
  • multiple opening modal dialogbox (create scene) on Windows (SketchUp bug modal dialog inside a non-repeating timer)
  • if you click on the pattern icon in front of the define sectionmaterial selection field, the selected material (if it's Skalp material) is opened in the pattern designer ready to edit
  • DXF export, error in line endings on windows prevented file from loading.
  • Materials will be added or modified automatically when leaving the dialogbox.
  • The delete button had a problem.
  • It wasn't possible to edit the rgb field of the colorpicker. This is fixed now
  • Some input fields of the dialog were not editable
  • The add (+) button now clears the dialog so you can start building a new material.
  • Colorpicker is set to the correct color when editing existing materials.
  • lineweights in mm now give the correct thickness
  • lineweights stored in inch are correctly converted back to mm or pt penwidhts
  • gauge only visible in edit mode
  • auto update on window blur happens only when something is changed
  • show update symbol when something is changed
  • fix rounding y-value of the gauge

Fixes in BETA 1 v1.0.0023

  • An issue in Windows that causes the section dialog to appear many times, which as a result would crash Skalp. This fix needs testing, more work might be needed. Please inform us if you still see this bug.
  • Removed an ignored hatch pattern that had syntax errors
  • DXF export save path corrected (still temporarily hard-coded to be the same path that holds the model you exported from.)
  • A fix in Skalp auto update mechanism.
  • When updating to a new version: in some cases you will now be asked to restart your computer. Make sure you do this if asked. Before the reboot Sketchup will inform you that the extension was successfully installed, but this is incorrect. After the reboot Skalp will finish its update process correctly. (This reboot needed scenario happens only when SketchUp keeps locked.)
  • New: Added more info to the 'Info for support' window'. In case you encounter problems, providing us with this info will help us to understand the problem and fix it.
  • SketchUp 2014 itself has a problem loading the Ruby standard Library when you have opened SketchUp by clicking a SketchUp file instead of opening the Sketchup Application icon. This will be fixed in SketchUp 2014's next maintenance release. Make sure to always open SketchUp from it's Icon. This problem can be identified if for instance you get an error 'Error Loading File SecureRandom' on the Ruby Console. This problem is unavoidable on windows XP, therefor skalp cannot run under windows xp.
  • There may be conflicts with other plugins. Especially those that make use of SketchUp Observers. As a workaround temporarily move your plugins out of your plugin folder and run Skalp. If you would like to really help us fixing this, try to determine what plugins are conflicting by re-adding your plugins one by one, test Skalp on each iteration. This might be cumbersome, we are not forcing you, but if you catch a problematic conflicting plugin, we could help workaround it for all.
  • If you have Dibac/Solid Section running, this will prevent Skalp from working as intended.
  • Older versions of 3DRubyWindow (rs_window) have a conflict with Skalp. Please upgrade 3DRubyWindow from the Extension Warehouse to version 3.0
  • If you entered no company upon purchase may you need to contact us as this will prevent Skalp from running. We will enter a company in our database. Next you should delete your Skalp.lic file and then reactivate Skalp using your License Activation Code.
  • Skalp Dialog: buttons do not work properly on OSX 8.5 with Safari 6.1.4 > Upgrade to Mavericks + Safari 7.0.3 (we are investigating if we can work around)
  • Skalp:
  • Instability: This is top priority in this first BETA. Here is some advise in case you encounter problems:
  • In case Skalp stops responding, or doesn't update anymore. First save or backup your model. In many cases you can fix this by unloading and reloading Skalp by clicking twice on the Skalp Tool Icon. In case the problem persists, it might be necessary to restart SketchUp.
  • In case the error is reproducible, you might have found a bug. Please open SketchUp's Ruby Console (Windows > Ruby Console) and try to reproduce the problem. If you see an error message on the console, please copy this. You can help us fixing it as soon as possible by sending a clear reproducible discription of the problem along with the associated error message from the Ruby Console to We will fix as many problems as we can as soon as possible.
  • You might get an unwarranted message from one of Skalps security checkings in this version. This mechanism is intended to make sure you have a recent version of Skalp and your license is ok. If this persists, please contact us.
  • Basic user manual, tutorials needed. This is high priority, work is currently in progress. We had a choice: Either postpone the release further or release as planned and build / update from there. We opted the latter, guessing you'd rather have your hands on Skalp now.
  • On Windows: adding the first Skalp section to the model is slow, subsequent sections should perform as expected.
  • Units: Skalp is designed to follow the models units as set in the model info > units dialog. However, there are some issues with this is this build.
  • DXF export currently only exports current scene and only saves to the current SU model directory.
  • DXF export is limited to basic functionality, layer mapping needed.
  • DXF export does not work when your model is opened from inside layout. (the sketchup files path isn't valid, and the current implementation of DXF export is hard coded to adhere to that path. We need to change and improve this behavior.
  • DXF export scaling issue on exported hatch patterns, causes recent autocad versions to not show the patterns.
  • Translations: Only English is supported in this version.
  • Clicking 'show more', to show the Skalp Styles can be very slow when multiple lines are defined in the Skalp Style.
  • Skalp Styles: on windows update scene fires later than intended.
  • Skalp Styles: sometimes a style override is ignored when changing scenes
  • On windows: Skalp Auto Update has issues. Manually clean Skalp from your plugin directory
  • A conflict with Rich Section plugin causes Skalp to crash. Workaround: uninstall rich section, we will try to create a solution, but this might take time.
  • Validity Check error on saving the model. This is caused by 'double' faces inside the Skalp generated section group. This happens when sometimes faces that are removed from a context (e.g. moved from the model into a group or component) are not properly tracked. If you force update the Skalp sections before saving, this should prevent the error. The error will not harm your model. It is on our list to fix.
  • Pattern Designer in this version is due to get serious user interface changes in the near future. We are aware of its user interface glitches.
  • Missing Features (expected to be included in one of the next beta updates)
  • User interface to IMPORT new pattern files. This will change very soon, but for now, new *.pat pattern files can be manually placed in: C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins\Skalp_Skalp\Resources\hatchpats\ (Microsoft Windows) /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/Skalp_Skalp/Resources/hatchpats/ (Mac OS X) On Mac OS X, to access this hidden folder: Open a new Finder window, press and hold the Option (left alt) key on your keyboard, the click Go in the menu bar > Library > Application Support > SketchUp 2014 > SketchUp > Plugins
  • Editor in the user interface to edit the pattern definitions files themselves. This will be implemented in the white space at the bottom of the Pattern Designer dialog.
  • Trying to make a pattern too large may be very slow or even crash.
  • Editing an existing Skalp material doesn't loads its colors and line widths correctly.
  • Creating a new Pattern should reset the color values.
  • Zooming before a pattern is first load, loads last preview from cache.
  • Line widths: 'mm' widths can be broken on some installation, pt widths should work.
  • Line width are not yet shown in the pattern preview window.


  • SketchUp Pro 2014/2015/2016 or SketchUp Make 2014/2015/2016
  • Mac OSX 10.9.x or higher + Safari 7.x or higher 
  • A fully working internet connection is needed once during license activation.


  • First download and install Skalp. (Installation instructions, see: manual)
  • From inside Skalp request a FREE 14 day TRIAL. Your 'License Activation Code' will be sent to your email address.
  • Activate Skalp using the received 'License Activation Code'.   (Menu bar > Plugins > Skalp > Info dialog > activate)
  • Future product updates can be installed automatically from inside SketchUp/Skalp.

By purchasing this product you acknowledge the following: You will need to accept any further disclaimers shipped with the product before use. Product is provided to you only as a digital download, no box or cd will be shipped. Ordering this product entitles you to all 1.x updates. You are buying a permanent license.
Please contact us at before purchasing if you need further information regarding these conditions.

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